DIY Halloween Costumes Under $100: Rainbow Brite

Still stumped for the perfect Halloween costume? If you want to channel a cool 80s cartoons, try wearing a Rainbow Brite costume.

A colorful and fantastic throwback to your youth (or maybe even your raver days), our DIY version of Rainbow is fail-proof fun.

The outfit is based around a blue skater skirt, and a lot of rainbow and star accessories. Preferably, striped rainbow leg and arm warmers, paired with a perfect side ponytail.

Not blonde? Grab a can of spray-in gold/blonde hair dye for the night: it’s a stress free way to experience the blonde without the permanent. It washes out in one shampooing.

For the final touches, try wearing a star belt. If you’re really cool you’ll find yourself a white horse you can refer to as Starlite. Now go and spread color!

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Kirra Skater Skirt – $6

Athen Blue BKE Gathered Tank Top – $14

Two for the Show Belt – $12

Vibrant Multi Color Rainbow Striped Leg Warmers – $6

Rainbow Star Wand – $3

Rosallini Multi Color Plastic Stars Ponytail Holder – $5

DC Court Graffik UniLite W – $18