Remember in April, when Glamour UK magazine picked Kristen Stewart as its top “Best Dressed Women in 2012”?

This announcement left many of us confused (Kristen Stewart, really?) and even left some of us questioning Glamour’s authenticity. The timing was not only strange (a best of the year list at the beginning of the year?), but it was around the same time as the promotion of the film “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Though, to be fair, Kristen has been going through somewhat of a style evolution as of late. No longer is she the teen tomboy in  jeans and Vans on the red carpet, but rather a young lady that is developing her own signature style.

And when we saw Kristen wearing this Chaiken suit at the Sydney premiere for “Snow White and the Huntsman,” we knew she had arrived.

Why we’re obsessed: If you’ve been checking out our “Best Dressed” lists, you’ll know that lately, Kristen has been ranked among our favorites of the best dressed ladies on the red carpet.

And although her looks are seemingly more adult — usually clad in on-trend, fitted graphic dresses and heels — it’s hard to miss how awkward she looks, no matter how on point her look is.  Her poses are often so miserably uncomfortable that often, it looks like the outfit is wearing her.   But with this menswear-inspired look, she’s coming into her own. It’s the most comfortable we’ve seen Kristen look on the red carpet…like, ever.

Kristen nails this look by taking a lady-like Chaiken suit and making it her own.  We love how she added her style signature by rolling up her trousers and by adding a slouchy tee and a pair of oxfords. The small details successfully takes her look from business bland to cool and casual.

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