Booty-Full App Features Virtual Male Butt that Answers Your Every Command

With the workday dragging, your time is probably filled with facebook stalking and Words with Friends, or you might even fill your time by scouring fashion websites for your forthcoming weekend wardrobe.

While these activities may fill in the monotony of the day, sometimes we need a proper pick-me-up.

Thanks to a new promotion for Vichy Celludestock, a cream that diminishes the appearance of cellulite, you can now take  take a Bootybreak, a virtual male butt that answers to your every command.

The Bootybreak App features multiple derrière options which will allow you to choose between a casual butt, a professional butt, a surfer dude butt, and even a too-tight jeans butt.

After you choose your tush of choice (don’t worry, you can play multiple times), you may command your male booty to flex, dance, shake, and slap. Though, we’re kind of digging the dance option, as it changes from one butt model to another.

Does the cellulite cream really work? Who cares!

It’s Monday, which means you deserve a Bootybreak. Click here to view dude booty.