Maybelline Introduces Limited Edition Colored MascaraIsn’t Maybelline Great Lash Mascara  just the greatest?

I have been a fan for years and have used the mascara religiously.  When I was younger, my mom did my ballerina makeup and used the lash-defining mascara to bring out my eyes on stage.  The packaging–which hasn’t changed one bit since its invention–was pretty cool, too, as I would become transfixed on the bright pink and lime green tube.

According to Maybelline New York, a tube of Great Lash is sold every 1.7 seconds in the United States. But those numbers may go up this month with the recent release of their limited-edition collection.

For those that are looking to give their precious lashes a color treatment other than the predictable brown and black lash variations,  you try can spicing things up  with one of their six colorways, which is available for a limited time during the month of August.

Their limited-edition collection includes colors such as, So Very Berry, I See Blue, Wink of Pink, Teal Appeal, Vision in Violet, and Green with Envy.

There is a shade for every eye color, but I plan to lash out with Vision is Violet for green eyes, I See Blue for brown eyes, and Wink of Pink for blue eyes.

The mascaras, which are currently retailing for $6 a tube, can be purchased at select drugstores.

Which color will you lash out with?