Maya Rudolph & Danny McBride Family Portraits

Maya Rudolph & Danny McBride take some awkward family portraits for GQ. In a series entitled, “Here Come the McBrides,” the two don massive Foxy Brown wigs, cardigans, and smile brightly with children not their own. (via Buzzfeed)

Real Beauty Dove Ads

In other awkward news, if you cried at that Dove ad telling you “You’re more beautiful than you think,” you’re about to get told. Turns out psychological research from the University of Chicago and University of Virginia reveals you’re not that pretty, you just think you are. (via Gawker)

Which is interesting considering girls can’t take compliments, astutely pointed out by Comedy Central’s newest mouthy poster girl Amy Schumer. “Cute dress!” “Are you kidding? I look like a whore who was locked out of her apartment.” (via HuffPost)

I guess us chicks can’t take criticism either. An Art student presents and downplays a weird painting to her class, then when 3 people barely critique it, she puts her foot through it, calls the class “f—king bullshit,” and storms out. (via Laughing Squid)

Coloring Books For Adults

Ms. Sensitive Art Student could take refuge in this Coloring Book For Grown-Ups available for purchase on It’s easy to connect the dots for Steven’s retirement plan, name your 11 cats, and color in pictures of your money going into the toilet. Cue quarterlife crisis. Hide sharp objects. (via INDREDIBLE Things)