David Bowie and Freddie Mercury’s vocals get isolated in 1981’s “Under Pressure” and all that “Um ba ba be” business gets super trippy. (via Laughing Squid)

In other strange-dudes-making-music-together news, The Lonely Island has been putting up videos for “Wack Wednesdays” to promote the release of “The Wack Album,” which drops on June 11. And this latest one is actually kind of Wack. (via deathandtaxes)

Oh yes, it’s finally here! The Anna Nicole Smith movie on Lifetime is slated for a Sat. June 29 premiere.  “The Anna Nicole Story” will star Agnus Bruckner as Anna Nicole, who is pill-popping, handle-chugging while driving and girl kissing, all while frightening her pretend son throughout the entire trailer. But, what we really want to know is: Why is she hungover in clown makeup? Guess we’ll have to watch to find out. (via PAPERMAG)

Burger Feeder

Speaking of hangovers, you know those struggle Sundays when just want someone to feed a burger to you? Look no further. Burger King offers a “Hands Free Whopper” reminiscent of a Harmonica neck holder a la Bob Dylan. You just have to head to Puerto Rico to go get it. If you’re not convinced the trip is worth it, listen to its jingle, en Español.  (via INCREDIBLE Things)

Bieber Astronaut
Or you could just live vicariously through Justin Bieber, who is taking a little trip to space. Boarding Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, he is reportedly paying a casual $250,000 for his seat. Sources say millions of #biebhaters have launched a Kickstarter to keep him there.  (via Mashable)