This is your brain. This is your brain on ice cream:  A baby tries ice cream for the first time and flips the ef out, expressing what we feel inside bypassing the froyo place and going straight to Ben & Jerry’s for some straight up cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles. (via Jezebel)[hr]

Bluths Frozen Banana
But if you’re not an ice cream person, maybe you’d prefer a Bluth’s Frozen Banana. To promote the upcoming 4th season of “Arrested Development” on Netflix, the Bluth Banana Stand is going global. (via Mashable)[hr]

Just like a Banana Stand, there’s always money in a George Clooney movie, especially one where he plays an astronaut. But in this one, he and Sandra Bullock are floating around and panicking in space sans ship, which leads us to believe that “Gravity” might be his first mistake–and that Sandy should have just done “Speed 3.” (via EW)[hr]

Gwyneth Met Gla
Speaking of mistakes, Gwyneth Paltrow said on her blog, “GOOP,” that she hated going to the Met Gala and called it “un-fun.” Really? We think you’re un-fun. So do Jay-Z and Beyonce. Watch your back Gwen,  Anne Hathaway’s looking better and better with every botch you make (via Gothamist)[hr]

Going to a gala with Gwyneth? Nah, we’d rather hang out with this lunatic on TLC’s #MyCrazyObsession who owns 3,000 Troll dolls that live in the crevices of her house, plotting and watching her every move. (via Jezebel)[hr]