Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic are now offering you the option of sending a hottie a cocktail mid-flight through their in-flight flirting /texting system (via Into The Gloss).  Of course, if you’re like most people, you’re too busy to flirt when you’re preoccupied being smashed in between 2 obese people. But thanks Branson, really. Super helpful.

Jimmy Kimmel sends a scout to Coachella to tell festivalgoers to suck it when they claim to know fake bands. Yes, young hipsters, The Chelsea Clintons have such “great energy” for a band that doesn’t exist.  (via Gawker)

Speaking of #hipstercallout, these two guys went to SXSW 2013 and decided to make an Indie film parody on their way home using a cat, slow piano playing, and far-away drifting looks. They’ll probably win at Cannes. (via Laughing Squid)

Homme Mystere

Homme Mystere just launched a men’s lingerie line that claims to keep up with the women’s market.  The only difference between MANgerie and women’s lingerie are the male models, who also happen to be wearing sweet lacy nothings while playing video games.  (via Buzzfeed)

Anthony Weiner Twitter

The Homme Mystere launch comes at a perfect time considering Anthony Weiner just rejoined Twitter. Sources say he has some fresh followers and is in the market for a fancy new banana-hammock (via Gothamist)