Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt have a #yodel-off on Late Night. Further proof that Brad Pitt can be hot doing anything. (via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Grace Helbig presents “50 Ways to Pretend to Be Smarter,” which includes invaluable lessons like, “Tell people you watch Bill Maher… only order Mac ’n Cheese if it has GRUYÈRE in it…and know more cheeses than just cheddar and mozzarella.”  She warns that many of her lessons are about cheese. (via Tastefully Offensive)

“Anchorman 2” trailer released, and it features a more racist, insecure, and fur-wearing Ron Burgundy prepared to take on a 24-hour news channel. (via Gothamist)

Another 24-hour news channel, MSNBC, got crushed this week when Russell Brand absolutely schooled the “Morning Joe” anchors. The British comedian proceeded to teach them manners and get them flustered, while jauntily calling them dumb and bad at their jobs. (via UPROXX)

Speaking of making an ass of newscasters, check out the ultimate compilation of Broadcast Video Bombers.  Get ready to see drunk kids, secret humpers and fame seekers attack unsuspecting local newscasters. (via Tastefully Offensive)