#PopCulture Hot Links: A Daria Movie We Wish Were Real, Ryan Gosling Gets Lisa Frank’d, Losing Your Sh*t at Apple Care

Funky Fresh in Lisa Frank is a new tumblr that will make you feel all giddy inside. The blog includes celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender, who are all rocking tanks and tees featuring the cuddly kittens and unicorns of the Lisa Frank universe. Images may have been tampered with. (via FunkyFreshLisaFrank)[hr]

Speaking of being tampered with, a “Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan” Contest at a Boston radio station got shut down because people were messing with the votes, which ultimately led to a creepy 39-year-old man named “Charles” winning. Guess she does draw the line somewhere. (via Gawker)[hr]

In other “lines” news, a genius has created a “Blurred Lines” video with Robin Thicke’s dad, Alan Thicke, and the “Growing Pains” theme song. Though, we must say that we still prefer the “Blurred Lines” set to the opening credits of “The Cosby Show” (via UPROXX)[hr]

College Humor has created a “Daria” movie trailer which fittingly stars Aubrey Plaza, and which we wished it were real. (via Mashable)[hr]

In the opposite tone of voice as Daria’s, a lady lost her shit in the Apple Store the other day just as an onlooker had opened their Vine account. She really needed to talk about APPLE CARE, DAMNIT! Even if it means that baby in the stroller becomes collateral damage. (via BuzzFeed)