Living Carlos Dangerously, What Speaking German Really Sounds Like, We’re Hip Hop Hungry With Frosted Drakes And Snoop Loops Cereal

Time for some hood breakfast! Would you like some Frosted Drakes or 2 Grainz? How ‘bout some Snoop Loops? You good on that milk and cereal? Then check out these Rappers as cereals: (via Rappers & Cereal)[hr]

The Backstreet Boys appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to set the Vine rant video of the disgruntled Apple Store customer to a harmonized melody. Sidenote: when did BSB get so freaking hot? (via Mashable)[hr]

A new quiet speed-dating phenomenon started in London, and we can’t imagine that it will catch on. “Shh Dating” prohibits talking and alcohol, and only allows only gesturing, lingering stares, and awkward hand holding. Sounds like Prom or scenes from “Twilight.” (via DailyMail)[hr]

Speaking of bizarre human interaction, on “The Daily Show,” John Oliver points out just how Carlos Dangerously close Anthony Weiner is to failing the NYC mayoral race all together, despite his large balls to stand tall in this race that has been so long and hard. (via UPROXX)[hr]

Speaking of hard, have you ever tried to learn German? Well this shouting man in lederhosen will prove how uber ridiculous it is, especially when compared to other languages. Example: English: Speed limit, Spanish: Limite de velocidad , German: Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung. (via INCREDIBLE Things)