#PopCulture Hot Links: Nicolas Cage as Disney Princesses, 20s vs. 30s, Banging Babies, and Lindsay’s New Reality Show

If you haven’t been frightened yet today, here are illustrations of Nicolas Cage as all of your favorite Disney Princesses. Mr. Cage in a seashell bra is really the kicker. (via BuzzFeed)

Speaking of bras, remember when you had fun ones in your 20s? And now that you’re approaching (or are in) your thirties, you’ve just settled for sensible beige?  Yes, us too.  And we can definitely relate to this video that shows what 20-year-old girls do (make out with dudes!) vs. what 30-year-old girls do (make out with red wine at home!)  (via Funny or Die)

Baby Bangs

Don’t be sad 30-somethings, you can perk yourself up by buying your annoying friend with kids #BabyBangs! Tell her: a.) NorthWest already has them, and b.) you love how her baby just isn’t afraid to be bald. As girls know, passive aggression works every time. (via INCREDIBLE Things)

In other “bang” news, Carly Rae Jepsen throws worst first pitch ever at a Tampa Bay Rays game. Yep, she threw it straight into the ground, which meaningfully signifies the path of her future music career. (via Cheezburger)

Lindsay Lohan Show

Speaking of redheads with failing careers, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly getting her own reality show on Oprah’s OWN Network. So now Lindsay can publicly go through all the life stages of a teenaged Marissa Cooper at age 28, see: The OC  ( via Vulture)