Billy Eichner as Taylor Swift in “Glitter and Ribs” tells the classic tale of a Backyard BBQ Breakup with poignant lyrics as “You’ll never know my heart like my heart knows my heart” (via PAPERMAG)

Jay Z Performance Art

Some more lip-synching happened this week, as Jay-Z mouthed the words to “Picasso Baby”  from MCHG for 6 hours straight at Pace Gallery in NYC, creating a series of Vines.  Because yes, he dominates every social media platform and does everything better than everyone else (See Magna Carta Holy Grail next to an actual copy of the Holy Grail). (via Gawker)

Daft Punk Condoms

Speaking of capitalizing, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” condoms will be  released this week. Whoever came up with that marketing move is a god damn genius. (via BuzzFeed)

Miller Sweatshirt

Here’s a product that’s not exactly genius: A Miller High Life sweatshirt that propels you into the “highlife” by giving you an extra pouch specifically made to hold your beer. Because we all know there’s nothing better than lukewarm Miller. (via CHEEZBurger)

James Franco

And there’s nothing better than a Comedy Central roast, which is why DEADLINE just announced that James Franco is the next celebrity to get roasted on Comedy Central.  Sources say that while the roasters will probably touch briefly on his bizarre “art” projects, why he ruined the Oscars for most of us and his inability to turn off  his smugness,  they will mainly focus on just how much James Franco really f**king loves James Franco