#PopCulture Links:  FLOTUS’s New Rap Album, A Direct TV Channel For Your Pooch, How To Look Like You Have A Girlfriend In Selfies

FLOTUS makes an embarrassing compilation rap album featuring the B-list names of hip-hop and hott traxx like “Veggie Luv” by Monifah (via The Daily Beast) [hr]

Speaking of embarrassing, this selfie expert demonstrates how to make it look like you have a girlfriend in your photos, even though you’re all alone. And as a dude with nail polish — and too much time — on his hands, seems as though he might be alone for quite a while. (via INCREDIBLE Things) [hr]

Yo! Learn these 8 things from Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad Reddit AMA, bitch. He called a lot of people bitch, and they liked it, bitch. (via Yahoo! TV) [hr]

…Which should be the name of DirecTV new channel for dogs. For $10 a month you can leave your home and turn on programming scientifically created for your dog.  Or you could just put on nothing because we’re talking about DOGS. (via Geekologie) [hr]

In other dog news, this week, a Chinese zoo tried to pass a dog off as an “African lion.” When the Tibetan mastiff started barking, the jig was up, and the Tibetan mastiff’s self-esteem was destroyed. (via Laughing Squid) [hr]