Current Obsession: Peace, Love, and Auric Blends

Current Obsessions / January 28, 2013

Current Obsession: Peace, Love, and Auric Blends Love, And Auric Blends

People who meet me now may not believe it, but I was a major hippie back in college. I attended Grateful Dead shows on a way-too-regular basis (Jerry was still alive, man—I witnessed history), I wore used peasant blouses and patched-to-the-max overalls (to the horror of my NYC friends back home), and I had one single dreadlock, the result of a grown out hippie hair wrap, nestled awkwardly in the back of my curly head of hair. And I loved it.

But I was a little different than my peace-and-love cohorts when it came to the particulars of my appearance. I cared much more deeply about the cut and wash of my hand-me down-overalls. Haircare was important too. Each week I made certain that I bought special (and expensive) product for my adored dreadlock. God forbid it wasn’t cleaned and conditioned.

Clearly, there was a burgeoning beauty editor inside of me dying to break free.

Which is why I’m currently obsessed with this roll-on fragrance from Auric Blends.

The Love scent is perfect for winter: it’s warm, woody, and slightly spicy. And yes, it has an ever-so-subtle hint of patchouli that reminds me of my carefree college days. But it doesn’t scream hippie by any means, and the fragrance fits perfectly with the (semi-together and adult-as-I’ll-ever-feel) life I have now. That is to say, it’s sophisticated.

A woman wearing head-to-toe Rachel Zoe recently complimented me on it in the elevator, so, there you go. I know I’m not deluded.

You can buy Love at Auric Blend’s website and at your local Whole Foods store, however in the spirit of my bra-less, Deadhead heyday, I purchased my most recent refill from a website called (And while I was at it, nabbed this Cross Body Fringe Bag by Minnetonka.)

I guess I just have to accept that my boho-chic sensibilities will always be a part of me.

And “I don’t care,” as the late, great Mr. Garica once sang, “cuz, it’s alright.”

Susan Linney
Susan Linney
Susan is a freelance writer, born and raised in NYC and currently based in Brooklyn. She’s the senior beauty editor for Meets Obsession, and also writes for online publications such as, and The Huffington Post. Susan had a serious candle hoarding issue that she has no plans to address. She’s currently obsessed with Marc Jacobs’ new beauty line, her black Zara moto jacket, and Aaron Paul.

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Current Obsession: Peace, Love, and Auric Blends