Five Fall Perfect Footwear Trends That Will Bring Out Your Inner Imelda MarcosIt’s almost that time of the year again to ponder over last year’s fall wardrobe. Once you pull out  your dusty boxes full of nubby sweaters, lush fabrics and dark, rich colors, the big dilemma is having  to sort through your beloved pieces and distinguish which ones are keepers and which ones you have to part with.  Can’t we just keep them all?

But before you do your annual pre-fall ritual, you should also update your shoe collections–because, really, what’s a wardrobe without a pair (or ten) of new, fabulous shoes?

Thankfully, stores are stocked up on stylish inventory, from sexy metallic sole pleasers to rich, velvety luxe platforms, making this shoe season the one that tempts the shoe hoarder in all of us.

Want to know which ones we’re lusting over?  Ahead, see five footwear trends that will bring out your inner Imelda Marcos.[hr]

Perfectly Clear

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Black & White Harmony

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Heavy Metallics

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Lush, Luxe Velvets

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Extremely Abstract

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