#StyleIcon How One 5 Year Old Is Shutting Down The Competition On Instagram
Photo: Instagram/alonso_mateo

What is on a 5-year-old kid’s agenda?

Well, most kids don’t have one, unless their name is Willow or Jade Smith.

Most preschoolers play with Barbies, climb trees, get scraped knees, while others apparently have blogs dedicated to their own personal style on Instagram. Yes, Instagram.

And just when we thought Rachel Zoe’s toddler was the most fashion forward new kid on the block, 5-year-old style sensation Alonso Mateo comes along.

While most of Alonso’s friends are drinking juice boxes and watching Spongebob Squarepants, Alonso has become an Instagram icon. Unlike most fashionable children in the media, Alonso is not the son of famous, rich parents, which makes him ten times cooler in our book (so put THAT in your burn book, Suri).

Alonso Mateo
Photo: Instagram/alonso_mateo

The greatest thing about Alonso? He takes selfies! Seriously, who would have thought  a 5-year-old was dexterous enough to hold a phone, pose, and snap away. This kid makes our own motor skills at that age seem waaaay below average.

His mother, of course, is a stylist. Luisa Fernanda Espinosa (@luisafere), mother of possibly the most stylish male (we’re including grown men, too), is a freelance stylist who started taking pictures of her adorable son in outfits she put together. The response has been incredible, making Mateo an instant style star with close to 30,000 Instagram fans.

Alonso was born in Mexico but now resides in Laguna Beach, California. And of course, his favorite places to shop is Kitson Kids, Dior, Gucci, and even fast fashion stores like H&M and Target. As you can see,  he has that whole high end/low end mixing ability down.

Now that Alonso is older, each morning he tells his mother what he wants to wear, and Espinosa will help him make his look cohesive by selecting a few key items from his walk-in closet (yes, he has that, too).

As with most social networking sites, there has been a good deal of criticism toward Espinosa and her son. Some say it teaches vanity and materialism, but we say whatever!

Our moms would have loved to dress us in designer clothes, so if this mother has the means to do so, let her.

What’s wrong with teaching a little creativity, anyways?