2 years ago, one of the world’s most respected and talented fashion designers sat in a Paris café and drunkenly uttered 3 words that would seal his fate.

As a result of those regrettable words, the designer was fired from his eponymous label as well as fired from his coveted creative director position at one of the major fashion houses.

After publicly apologizing, he went to rehab and was charged for a crime by the French justice system for uttering those 3 words.

After going to trial, the courts found him guilty as charged and ordered him to pay a fine of $23,200.

Publicly disgraced, the once-loved designer lost everything: his job, his reputation, his career, and his friends.

It’s been two years since Galliano’s “I Love Hitler” incident, and since then, there have been whisperings of a Galliano return to fashion.

In March of this year, there was a workshop class that Galliano was scheduled to teach at Parsons. However, an online petition calling for the cancellation of the Galliano workshop gained over 2,000 signatures, and Parsons eventually cancelled the class citing failure to come to agreement terms (though, one would hope that these terms would have been worked out well in advance).

The controversy surrounding the Parsons workshop got us thinking if America was ready to forgive Galliano….and if we ever would be.

But Galliano’s journey isn’t over yet.

In his first TV interview since the incident in Paris two years ago, Galliano sat down with Charlie Rose to talk about his fall from fashion, his drinking and his road to recovery.

And although emotions still run high on Galliano’s possible return to the fashion industry, when Charlie Rose asks Galliano, “When Alexander McQueen committed suicide… what did you think?” and Galliano replies, “I understood,”  it’s hard not to be affected as a fellow human being.

If there is any silver lining in this tragedy, it’s that, perhaps, a better, stronger Galliano will emerge from this.

You can watch Galliano’s entire Charlie Rose interview here.