Stunning Summer Sandals

As the temperatures get warmer, our hems get shorter and our bare (and hopefully manicured) tootsies get to make a long-awaited appearance.

If you’re transitioning your wardrobe for summer, it’s time to ditch those unsightly flip flops and instead go for a sexy, summertime sandal. You’ll be on trend and we won’t be secretly judging you on the fact that you are wearing flip flops with a skirt.

But don’t just get any type of sandal. Try a sandal that embraces your unique style but is still versatile enough to work with many of your summer looks.

To give you a head start, we’ve picked out 5 of our most sexy, stunning summertime sandals that we intend to wear all summer long.


1. River Island Black colour block strap studded sandals

2. Modcloth Inspired By the Sea Sandal | $49

3. The Ascent of Glam Sandal | $32

4. Sol Sana Erika Sandal | $49

5. Zara Leather Strap Thong Sandal