The Family

The Who:

Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, Dianna Agron and John D’Leo in a film by “Taken” director Luc Besson. [hr]

The What:

Robert DeNiro plays Fred Manzoni in this offbeat comedy about a former Mafioso turned informant forced to relocate his family (played by Pfeiffer, Argon and D’Leo) to various places under witness protection. The film finds the family relocating to Normandy, France and trying to adapt to their new environments and identity while dealing with a hard-ass FBI agent (Jones) and a series of mobsters searching for them. [hr]

The Big Deal:

The most, I guess, amusing thing about “The Family” is how light its darkness seems. Dark comedies about the mafia are nothing new but most of them at least embrace the darkness. “The Family,” in contrast, is playful about it—almost as though it’s a minute away from winking at its audience and saying “Mobsters! Am I Right?” The film can be fun and it has its comical moments,  but it can also be a groaner at times. However, it has brevity on its side and it’s almost too playful to ever really be mad at.[hr]

Grade: B-


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