Jesse Eisenberg in "Now You See Me."
Jesse Eisenberg in “Now You See Me.”

“Now You See Me” is what summer movies are all about: fun, energy, likeable stars and suspensions of belief.

Directed by Louis Letterier, “Now You See Me” tells the story of four magicians (Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco) who pull off a series of elaborate heists through the art of magic. It’s not as cheesy as it sounds.

Now You See Me2Mark Ruffalo is also in tow playing his favorite character: the haggard cop; this time along with a lovely French partner to offset his roughness (Melanie Laurent) and together they go on a hunt  to figure out how these magicians are stealing all the money.

“Now You See Me” works because it’s a movie that mostly gets away with answering all its questions with “magic.” It never tries to be smarter than it is, nor does it take itself too seriously, but instead it aims to satisfy a huge audience looking for escapist entertainment.

Even when the movie runs out of gas or gets too ridiculous, it survives off of the strength of the principal cast, as well as the supporting players (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine).

Ultimately, “Now You See Me” thrills the same way previous Letterier films have: by putting you into the action. And while the film may coast at times, it still proves to be enjoyable, even if it has to distract the audience with some slight-of-hand to do so.

Film Grade: B+


“Now You See Me”opens today in theaters everywhere. For a list of showtimes, click here.