Enough Said


Julia-Louis Dreyfus, James Gandolfini, Toni Collette, Catherine Keener and Ben Falcone in a film written by Nicole Holofcener.

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Dreyfus plays a divorced masseuse who incidentally gets involved with a client’s ex-husband and uses it to her advantage to learn more about the man she’s dating.

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This easily could have been a mundane romantic comedy about silly misunderstandings and whimsical dating habits, but instead ‘Enough Said’ is a film about the travails of divorce and what dating a second time around can be like psychologically. A lot of credit goes to the script, but really the actors deserve much praise.

What starts as a stilted and choppy film gets into gear with the courtship of Dreyfus and Gandolfini and their undeniable onscreen chemistry.

Gandolfini’s final film role shows him as the gentle Ben-like figure he could always play but never really got to, and Dreyfus is always delightful in her portrayals of frustration and awkwardness when dealing with her job and learning juicy details about Gandolfini from Keener’s eccentric earth mother poet.

The side stories of the two people, played by Toni Collette and Ben Falcone, who have daughters headed to college, showcases the life and trials of divorced parents raising and losing kids, and Collette and Falcone are stellar in what little they are given to do.

It’s easy to get lost in this film when it keeps us engrossed by straying away from sticking to a rigorous plot that has to hit the same old beats.

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Enough Said  opens on Friday in select theaters.