DIY Costumes Under $100 Wes Anderson’s Margot Tenenbaum

Played by Gwyneth Paltrow in Wes Anderson’s “The Royal Tenenbaums,” Margot Tenenbaum, a prodigious screenwriter from an eccentric family, chain smoked her way into the hearts of obscure, quirky girls everywhere.

And although we won’t be spending our Halloween hiding out in a bathroom while chain smoking cigarettes and making secretive phone calls, we do intend to embrace our cool girl quirk and rock a sweet Margot costume.

To get Margot’s look, you’ll need an x-large men’s striped polo shirt to wear as a dress (be sure to pin it in the back for fit), a fabulous faux fur jacket, dark, raccoon-like eyeliner, and part your hair to the side and adorn your locks with a red barrette. And don’t forget the cigarettes (fake, of course).

This costume is worn best with an overly aloof attitude.


Jacket: Luxurious Fur Jacket – Missy Sizes ($39)

Barrette: France Luxe Mini Oval Cutout on Plastic Tige Boule ($6)

Wig: Medium Blonde Hair Wigs ($27)

Shirt for Dress: Calvin Klein Jeans Men’s Planet Stripe Polo ($14) – Buy oversized and use as a dress

Prop: Fake Cigarettes ($4.75)


Ballet flats, dramatic raccoon-like eyeliner and a sense of secrecy