DIY Costumes Under $100 Heisenberg

Give this meth-merizing show a final send off this Halloween by dressing up like the king of all chemistry-teacher drug lords, Walter White.

It’s pretty simple to channel Walt as his Heisenberg alter ego: You’ll need a pork pie hat, a bald cap (if you have hair), a dark pair of shades, a mustache, as well as a dark brown jacket, a green or burgundy shirt, and a pair of dark pants and shoes.

Happy Halloween, Bitches!


Porkpie hat: Men’s Winter 100% Wool Boater Porkpie Derby Satin Ribbon Band Hat Black S/M 56cm

Bald Cap: Bald Cap

Mustache: Rubie’s Costume Co. Character Mustache

Sunglasses: Dirty Harry Black Sunglasses 

Shirt: Croft & barrow ® classic-fit solid broadcloth point-collar dress shirt – men


Over-sized jacket, dark pair of pants and your most orthopedic looking, boxy brown shoe

DIY Costumes Under $100 Walter White

You can also embrace the earlier days of Mr. White’s existence and dress as the man before he became an all-consumed kingpin. For that, you’ll need a full head of hair, round-framed glasses, a moustache, a green shirt, a prominent pair of tighty whities (if you dare), a pair of grey socks and brown loafers with laces. Bring along a fake gun if you want to really recreate that now-famous image of Mr. White in the desert.


Glasses: Halfrim Rx Ready Eye Glasses Frame 

Wig & Mustache Set:  70’s Man Wig & Mustache for Halloween Costume 

Tighty Whities:  GILDAN 100% Cotton Mens Brief

Shirt:  John Bartlett Statements Men’s Long Sleeve Broadcloth Dress Shirt

Gun: Toy Cap Gun: Super Cap Police Detective Style 45 Pistol (Silver Plastic) 


Grey argyle socks and your most orthopedic looking, boxy brown shoe