It was well over two decades ago when the Seattle-based grunge band, Nirvana, was at the height of their career. Back then, all was right in the world.  Courtney and Kurt were together, MTV actually played music videos, wearing combat boots with plaid was a thing and “Daria” existed.

And even though much time has passed since we heard “Smells like Teen Spirit” for the first time, lead singer Kurt Cobain still lives on in our musical minds, stronger than ever.

Blank on Blank recently unearthed a never-seen-before interview with the late lead singer. Interviewed by Jon Savage, Kurt reflects on his childhood, feminism, what is was like going through a divorce and how he struggled with facing classmates,  and discovering punk rock for the first time.

We’re not sure how we feel about the fact that the video is animated, but regardless,  it’s a fascinating look into the world of Cobain.