LISTEN: “Her Flaming Lips” From Turnpike Glow’s “Fünke Pop” EP

LISTEN / June 27, 2013

LISTEN: Turnpike Glow’s “Her Flaming Lips” Single From “Fünke Pop” EP

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of London-based indie rock band Turnpike Glow. We also love ourselves some “Arrested Development,” too.

So when we learned that Turnpike Glow’s next album would be called “Fünke Pop,” a playful nod to “Arrested Development’s” flamboyant character Tobias Fünke, we had high hopes for an album that would exceed our expectations.

And although their album doesn’t drop until July 2, we got a small taste of what’s to come with the release of the second song off of their “Fünke Pop” EP.

Referencing psychedelic act The Flaming Lips, “Her Flaming Lips” is song about a girl with an obsession with the 1983 founded band. Vocalist/guitarist Sandro Schiena explains, “The story of this girl is essentially the way The Flaming Lips’ music and live shows make us feel. There’s a really powerful and unaffected feel-good message that comes across when you listen to their songs or attend one of their shows, which we wanted to capture in this song.”

Speaking of  feelings, it’s hard not to feel happy when listening to a Turnpike Glow fun, melody-driven track, which always brings a little bit of imaginative, playful bliss to our ears.

See for yourself and check out their latest video below.

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Joshua Feldman
Joshua Feldman
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LISTEN: “Her Flaming Lips” From Turnpike Glow’s “Fünke Pop” EP