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LISTEN: Vinnie Caruana — “City By The Sea”

LISTEN: Vinnie Caruana — “City By The Sea” EP

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for grungy vocals and an acoustic guitar. Seriously, set me up with the Erik Petersen’s of the world, and I’ve got a discography that I can listen to forever.

When I heard that Vinnie Caruana—former frontman of The Movielife and lead singer of I Am the Avalanche—was doing his own solo album, I didn’t know what to expect.

However, at first listen to Caruana’s solo debut “City By The Sea” EP, I was hooked.

Inspired by Hurricane Sandy, “City By The Sea” features six sentimental tracks that impressively shows Caruana’s wide acoustic range and his strong songwriting skills.

Peep the recommended tracks below.  You’re welcome.

Standout Tracks

Somehow the World Keeps Turning
Boy You’re in Heaven
If I’m a Battleship Then You’re the Northern Lights (thank you)

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Vinnie Caruana’s debut solo EP “City By The Sea” is out on February 5th via I Surrender Records and Run For Cover Records.

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