Long Live the Tattoo: Company Will Frame Your Inked Skin After Your Death

Art / Beauty / Culture / October 16, 2014
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There’s no question that a tattoo is a deeply personal thing, an image or quote that means something to the person they’re created on.

Typically, when you die, your tattoo is buried along with your body.

But for those that want their tattoos to live on–long after being dead and buried–now there’s a way to preserve your ink for posterity, by handing your skin over to the Foundation for the Art and Science of Tattooing.

Yes folks, your loved ones can hang your skin on their wall to show how much you really meant to them. They’ll invite their friends over to look (and maybe touch) your long dead skin while sipping cappuccinos and reminiscing about the memories they had with you when you were alive.

According to the Foundation for the Art and Science of Tattooing’s website, the organisation promises to remove the skin containing the tattoo from the owner after death, send it to scientists who will drain the fat and water and replace it with silicone, pack it in formaldehyde, and display it in a museum or loan it out to the loved ones of the deceased.

The foundation wants to give people the chance to preserve the most important and significant pieces of body art, and they’re already proving popular- more than fifty people have already signed up for the service, which has been around since June 2014.


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