Our two favorite seasons have got to be spring and summer. They’re colorful times for music festivals, outside concerts, vacations—you name it.

The spring and summer months also bring us much-needed adventure and outdoor possibilities, a stark contrast to the winter months that we spent mostly indoors while rocking a onsie (don’t judge).

So with a new season, comes a new attitude, which is why we intend to switch out a few of our beloved beauty products for more summer-friendly alternatives.

We’ve complied a list of fantastic warm-weather goods—from makeup to life-affirming products,  that will make certain you’ll be well taken care of this season.

Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara

Yes, the title is a bold move by Too Faced. But the real question that’s probably on your mind: “Is it really better than sex?” Well, if it’s on this list, then its probably worth at least finding out.

Pros: This mascara adds length and volume to your lashes. It separates, yet evenly coats your lashes for an intense effect. For everyday use, we recommend no more than two coats. This product will pair flawlessly with a smoldering smokey eye, and the results will give you a very sexy and flirty look. Perfect for a romantic night out!

Cons: You might have to apply swiftly, since it tends to dry fast on your lashes.

Tips: Wiggle the brush as you apply to help you distribute the mascara evenly. If some accidentally rubs onto your eye lid, don’t fret! First, finish applying the mascara and let it dry, then clean the area  and remove mistakes with a makeup removing towelette.

Chanel Rouge Double Intensité Ultra Lip Color

This product deserves a five-star rating from us! If you are looking for a lip color that stays on all day without any retouching, this is your solution. It is ideal for the beach, by the pool, or even when you’re feasting and still want to look glam.

Pros: The color selection is absolutely stunning and flattering on every skin tone. It goes on smoothly, and you may not even have to re-apply after eating.

Cons: We wish there was more product in one tube.

Tips: For a less intense look, put a little bit of product on your finger  and evenly distribute the product on the lips.  After application, wait 30 seconds before applying the clear gloss on top to prevent smearing.

Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo

So maybe you’re on an outdoor adventure with your significant other and your hair is getting out of control. You need something to get it back in shape, STAT! This dry shampoo will do just that, plus it’s perfect for the road and works on both oily and dry hair.

Pros: It’s formulated with Moroccan cedar extract to help freshen up your hair. It is lightweight and does not leave a white misty residue on your scalp.

Cons: This product will cost you $25. Although it is a little pricey for a dry shampoo, we think that the results are worth every penny.

Tips: Flip your hair over for extra volume after application.

100 Percent Pure Body Scrub

If you’ve just finished hiking or zip-lining through the jungle, your skin is probably a mess of sweat and dirt. We suggest you rush to your nearest bathtub and use this product all over!

Pros: This scrub is vegan, gluten-free, and packed with fruit oils and antioxidants to nourish the skin. The formula is not as harsh as a sea salt scrub, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. It gets rid of excess oil, dirt, and dead skin, leaving your body smooth and soft to the touch.

Cons: It can get a little messy working with this product due to its thin consistency and texture from the fruit oils.

Tips: We don’t recommend using this anywhere near the face, because it may be a little too harsh for facial skin.

Letan After Sun Spray

All of the sun exposure from your adventures may have resulted in a skin burn or two, even if you dutifully applied your SPF beforehand (which you did, right?).

It’s critical to treat those affected areas as soon as you can, to cool down your burns and decrease the skin damage you’ve incurred. You can also use this spray to moisturize your skin, even if it’s not burnt. We all know how key it is to take good care of your skin during and after sun exposure, so make this spray your new after-sun BFF.

Pros: This product contains Aloe Vera, which is a very popular plant with amazing anti-inflammatory properties used to treat burns and eczema. This is a non-oily formula which dries quickly on the skin. It is even gentle enough to use on your bikini area.

Cons: It can get a little bit sticky if you use too much at one time.

Tips: Take some of the product and put it in a small spray bottle to carry it in your purse throughout the day.

Where ever you may travel this season, we hope that we were able to help you find new products to experiment with—and enjoy!