Meet The Woman Who Eats 25 Makeup Compacts A Day

We seriously thought we’d seen it all on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.”  There was the girl who liked to eat bras, the dude who had an unhealthy obsession with his blow-up dolls and, who could forget the woman who spent her afternoons chowing down on couch cushions?

Oh, but it gets better.

Meet “My Strange Addiction’s” latest subject, Brittoni, who likes to spend her spare time devouring makeup. The 22-year-old Ohio resident allegedly eats 25 makeup compacts a day and claims that the Metallic colors taste better.  (Yes, dear beauty lovers, all that shimmery goodness going to waste). Her favorite colors to eat, in addition to metallic, include gray, white and brown, which she says, “ taste cleaner than dark colors.’

Before she buys her makeup snacks at the local drugstore, Brittoni walks down the beauty aisles and secretly licks the different makeup palettes, because, god forbid, she “might get stuck with something she might not eat or wear.”

Oh, the horror.

We hope she’s at least eating the cheap stuff.  If you’re listening,  Brittoni, we hear the Snookilicious by Nicole Polizzi makeup line is absolutely delicious.

Play the below video at your own risk.