Viva Glam can’t be stopped, which is why the newest face of MAC’s AIDS Fund campaign is the unstoppable Miley Cyrus. Like her audacious personality, Cyrus’ Viva Glam lip color is hot pink with a sparkling pearl shimmer Liplass version to match.

A lipstick with a purpose, each year the performative makeup company creates a new color and finds a new face to model it.

Rhianna’s mauve and frosty blue red were Viva Glam’s last color raves. Since the campaign began in 1994 with RuPaul’s notorious pout, outspoken celebrities from k.d. Lang to Nicki Minaj to Boy George have modeled the famous lipstick.

Since then, Viva Glam has raised more than $250 million to help men, women and children living with AIDS/HIV. That helps looks like meals, nutrition counseling, medical supplies, school supplies, makeovers, and more.

Having donated $500,000 to the American Foundation for AIDS Research last Wednesday,  the controversial Cyrus is becoming an unofficial supporter of the fight against AIDS.