Alphabet Beauty

It all started out with BB creams (short for Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms), which came to the U.S. via Korea, where these multi-purpose skin soothers and wrinkle erasers were an enormously popular. Next, beauty brands swiftly moved down the alphabet to offer CC creams (which stands for Color Correcting) and DD creams (a.k.a. Dynamic Do-All or Dermatologically Defining).

It feels like we’re inevitably due for another alphabet-minded miracle skin solution, and according to, there’s one on the way. In March, Previse is set to launch an EE product, which is designed for “extra exfoliation” during facial cleansing (which is what the EE stands for, ‘natch).

Previse EE CreamFormulated to work with any cleanser, EE MarineGranules is made up of soothing and non-abrasive ingredients, such as oatmeal, bamboo stem powder, marine algae extract and jojoba beads. The idea is that it will exfoliate effectively without any type of irritation—it will buff the skin, much like Clarisonic and other electronic face cleansing instruments do.

But the beauty of EE MarineGranules is that you won’t have to tote around an electronic gizmo when traveling, or worry about battery replacement or a gadget malfunction. All exfoliating/buffing power is contained in simple tube.

How will this next chapter in alphabet beauty fare? I guess we’ll have to wait until March to see.