Everyone needs a night in. Even long term gal pals Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. And you’re invited.

On October 17, plan on a night of comfy clothes, snuggling on the couch, and your favorite take out because Naomi and Kate, along with Noel Gallagher of Oasis, are appearing on an episode of Gogglebox.

Similar to America’s version of Bravo’s “The People’s Couch,” the British show ordinarily films everyday families watching and making funny comments on the week’s top reality shows, but Naomi and Kate are joining in on the fun for charity as part of Channel 4’s fundraiser, “Stand Up For Cancer.”

According to sources, Kate, 40, is a fan of “The Great British Bake off” and the “X Factor,” while Naomi, 44, likes to watch the “Housewives of Atlanta.”

These native born Londoners have been friends for 25 years so viewers are likely to count on a seeing a side of Kate and Naomi they may have never seen before – the everyday, sitting and relaxing on the couch, watching our favorite TV Shows side that we all have.

Expect some good (and glamorous) laughs.