During the summer, one of the most coveted looks is that laid-back, chic-surfer stye. But often there’s one thing that’s missing from this oft-recommended ensemble: the perfect scent. Sure, salt water sprays will give you a hint of an ocean aroma, and some body oils will add that wonderfully summery, sun lotion smell.

But in terms of an actual perfume, one which you can carry with you day-to-night, Pinrose is the way to go.

The line, which is amazing and gives you the option, via a sophisticated online quiz, to try their products before you buy, has the perfect beach-bum option.

It’s called Surf Siren, $50, and its blend of lavender and neroli make it the perfect beach-time attar. Additional notes of orange oil, basil and petitgrain add a subtle, tangy touch that’s especially nice for those wonderfully breezy beach evenings.

So if you’re a fellow surfer-chic fan, give this fragrance some consideration. Remember, you can try before you buy. So what do you have to lose?