Best Dressed: Jameela Jamil Scores a Vintage-Inspired Win at Wimbledon

Best Dressed / July 14, 2014

While it may be pushing 90 degrees in DC, across the pond the temperature isn’t quite so warm, and this adds an extra component to any outfit: JACKETS!

Stepping out at this year’s Wimbledon Championships, Jameela Jamil, British TV and Radio host (known for criticizing Miley Cyrus via Twitter and then receiving death threats), wore a simple LBD. But it is not the dress that puts her on this week’s list, but rather the accessories she chose to accompany the dress.

From the white sunglasses to the neon bag to the snakeskin pointed pumps, the look is sheer perfection from head to toe. Not to mention the effortlessly chic cream and black window-pane jacket casually draped on her shoulders.

While Wimbledon calls for a certain level of sophistication and elegance not seen at other sporting events, this look is both playfully vintage while still being conservative enough for Wimbledon.

Game, Set, Match! Jamella Jamil for the win!

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Lindsey Hascher
Lindsey Hascher
Lindsey is a writer based in Washington, D.C. She is currently in her third year at The George Washington University studying Business Administration. Lindsey enjoys spending time working at DC's famed Georgetown Cupcake, and in her spare time watches anything that smells like an Oscar nomination. Lindsey is currently obsessed with Skyping with her dog, listening to Avicii on monument runs and making pancakes at midnight.

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