Kate Moss X Topshop

In less than 24 hours, Kate Moss will launch her latest collection for Topshop, the first one in four years. After taking a hiatus from her multi-collaboration projects with the high street retailer, Kate is back, but this time her collection consists of timeless pieces that she’s worn throughout her career.

The 2014 collection reveals an assortment of pajamas, darling dresses, decidedly bohemian fringed-out pieces and shiny suits that clearly carry Kate’s style signature.  Some of the pieces, such as the Yellow One-Shoulder Chiffon Dress, are remakes of iconic looks that Kate has worn before, while others simply are mere suggestions of the supermodel’s point of view.

There is a familiarity with this collection, and while there’s nothing new to see here,  if you’re a fan of Kate’s style, you’ll want practically everything this range has to offer. The collection will be available starting tomorrow at Nordstrom.com