The Man Behind Beautiful Fül: Alejandro Rodriguez

Designer In Focus / November 25, 2014
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Designer Alejandro Rodriguez. Courtesy Photo.

Designer Alejandro Rodriguez. Courtesy Photo.

There is nothing more refreshing than meeting a designer who is as cool as his clothes. Alejandro Rodriguez is that designer. He is the man behind the men’s contemporary brand, Beautiful Fül.

The Los Angeles-based menswear label captures the current menswear landscape, wearable pieces that are approachable yet unique and punctuated with bold details.

The collection runs on the high-low spectrum with pieces inspired by Rodriguez’s personal relationship with fashion. “Growing up, I didn’t dress with one look in mind. A blazer with jeans or a leather jacket and a pair of nice shoes, I like the idea of mixing high and low.”

Rodriguez’s inspiration also stems from the essential pieces most men already have in their closets. “My designs come from things that I want, need or would like to have,” he says.

Being that Rodriguez is a made-in-L.A. talent, the city serves as a tribute to the spirit of the collection. Rodriquez infuses the historical sub-cultures he has witnessed in the city into his designs.

“New York City takes credit for fashion in the U.S. but what’s in style and trendy also comes from L.A. It’s from the skater, punk rock, rock and roll culture. It can be worn by anyone. People can mix it up so it’s not stuffy and dressed up.”

This mix-and-match approach has become a signature mark of Beautiful Fül, the clothes are styled with an emphasis on ease and layering.

With flannel shirts, leather jackets and pants, basic T-shirts, the Holiday 2014 collection offers a certain level of versatility, giving men the option to create different looks and moods.  Each garment is meant to ring true to men who want more unique, of-the-moment pieces.

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The Man Behind Beautiful Fül: Alejandro Rodriguez