If you’re looking for the perfect pair of summer-ready sunnies, look no further than Marc Jacobs’s latest collection of spectacular, geometric shaped eyewear for summer 2014.

The stylish, transparent sunglasses are inspired by the ‘80s, but with an updated futuristic twist. There are five color combos available: transparent brown/gold with brown shaded lenses, dark grey/palladium with grey shaded lenses, crystal/palladium with grey/silver lenses, pink/palladium with green/orange lenses and aqua/palladium with grey/blue lenses.

The Marc Jacobs’s 2014 sunglasses collection can be seen in his latest campaign video, “Sunny Side of the Mountain.”

The video features a mountainside-living model dressed in Jacobs’s clothing while doing farming chores, such as  chopping wood, feeding hens using a Marc Jacobs’s bag to hold the feed, hanging her Marc Jacobs clothing collection on a clothesline, collecting eggs in a Marc Jacobs shirt and  and milking goats — all set the background of an Appalachian/bluegrass ditty.  Cool, right?

Although we’re not ready to trade in our city lifestyle for mountainside living just yet, we will, however, splurge on these Marc Jacob sunnies, which will be the perfect companion for our summer travels.