High-fashion designer, John Galliano was all but excommunicated from the fashion world nearly five years ago. Now, after a few cameos, rumors are flying that Galliano will make a triumphant comeback in the Haute Couture section of Maison Martin Margiela.

Though nothing has yet been confirmed, an unnamed source leaked the fashion gossip to Page Six, saying – among other things – that Galliano has already hired several staff members for his Paris workshop.

The designer, known for his outlandish fashion creations, spent 15 years creating for Dior. But in 2011, his career came to an abrupt halt after a video surfaced of an intoxicated Galliano making an anti-Semitic tirade in a Paris café.

If the rumors are true, and Galliano – who, reportedly, is sober now, and filled with regret about his public hate speech –joins Margiela, he will be the brand’s first star designer since the company’s namesake bowed out in 2002.

Although there’s been no confirmation from Maison Martin Margiela, Galliano’s spokesperson stated, “he’s having active and ongoing conversations with a few companies.”