It’s a Barbie World: A Glimpse Into the Latest Collections Inspired by America’s Favorite Doll

Fashion / September 3, 2014

Pop culture has made its way into the fashion scene with collections featuring “The Simpson’s,” McDonald’s, and most recently, the Barbie Doll.

Although the previous two collections were created by quirky designer Jeremy Scott and had high fashion price points to match, the Barbie collections, available at mass retailers, will take a more accessible approach. There are three different collaborations: one with Forever 21, another with Wildfox Couture, and the third with Lord and Taylor. Each line will focus on a different era to appeal to the Barbie-obsessed of all ages.

Forever 21 Barbie range

Forever 21 Barbie range.

Forever 21 will be the first to launch on September 5. The line will focus on the 90’s, offering a variety of sportswear, sleepwear, and accessories. Think pink and blue t-shirts and casual crop tops emblazoned with the classic slogan.

Next to come is Lord & Taylor on September 14. This moderately priced sleepwear collection has a retro feel to it, giving a nod toward the 50’s and 60’s. It contains slightly conservative silhouettes, aiming for a more mature target market.

Wildfox Barbie Collection

Sunglasses from “The Wildfox Dreamhouse” collection. Courtesy photo.

The final launch will be Wildfox, on November 15. The California-based brand will reference the 80’s and feature items such as pink plastic sunglasses and sweaters stamped with witty phrases, staying true to their playful, yet casual aesthetic. The line will be available at select online retailers such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Sak’s.

The one thing each collection has in common is its affordable price point. Items range from $4-$183 but on average are only $20-$40 each.

Fortunately, you only have to wait a little bit longer until you can sartorially reminisce to your doll-playing childhood. The Barbie brand is attempting to take over the world, and will soon give a whole new meaning to the term “Barbie Girl.”


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Hayley Lind
Hayley Lind
Hayley Lind is a rising senior at Philadelphia University with a major in Fashion Industry Management and a minor in Professional Communication. She currently serves as the blog co-editor for her college's fashion publication, Styleline. She hopes to one day write for a fashion magazine in New York City. Hayley is currently obsessed with outdoor yoga, thrift store shopping, and avocados.

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It’s a Barbie World: A Glimpse Into the Latest Collections Inspired by America’s Favorite Doll