Kanye West Teaches a Class About Fashion Design

Fashion / Music / September 23, 2014
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Proving that those who can’t, teach — Kanye West spent last Friday at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College sharing his fashion knowledge to eager students as part of his court-mandated community service.

For real, Kanye is teaching, y’all.

And while we were imagining what his syllabus might look like –

FR     Sept 19:  1   How I Discovered the Black Leather Jogging Pant and everything else
MN   Sept 20:  2   Imma Let You Finish that Patternmaking, Girl
TU     Sept 21:  3   How to Dress Your Reality Star Girl
WD   Sept 22:  4   How to be Shakespeare in the Flesh. Walt Disney. Nike. Google.
TH     Sept 23: 5    F*ck Fendi, and Louis Vuitton, too
FR    Sept 24: 6     It Ain’t Easy Being Yeezy

— Andre Pitts, a Los Angeles Trade Technical College student got the surprise of a lifetime when Yeezy walked into his class to teach.

The Visual Communications major gave Complex magazine his take on the  “enlightening” experience.  In the article, Pitts shares everything from what he learned, to what Kanye ranted about, his demeanor and if the rapper made a lasting impact.

There are tidbits of gold in the piece, like when Pitts recalls that Kanye didn’t seem very focused, saying:

“He was all over the place. He reminds me of my brother, the way he didn’t really stick to one thing. He talked about Tupac. He was watching the movie Juice,  and he was inspired by Tupac being in the movie. He talked about how Ice Cube is one of his biggest inspirations and one of his biggest let-downs. He talked a little bit about Steve Jobs. He mentioned a little bit about how the media portrays him negatively, but he’s saying that he’s not anything negative, it’s just him being real and calling out bullshit all the time. He spoke about his grandfather, actually, and him being in Chicago, and after that it was kind of cut off short, and he had us go into questions and answers.”

You can head over to Complex to read more details from Kanye’s class.

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Kanye West Teaches a Class About Fashion Design