Naomi Campbell

Okay, hold the phone.  Supermodel Naomi Campbell is apparently doing all sorts of new and exciting things. She’s host of the reality show “The Face,” and then there’s the alleged Fassbender romance, and now she’s reportedly starting her own fashion line.

According to The Cut, Naomi announced at the Vogue Festival in London that she will be moving into fashion design territory.

“I always had this feeling of, I love working with designers — I don’t want to be their competition, and maybe if I do my own line they won’t work with me anymore,” she announced to an audience. “Now I’ve grown up a bit more, I will be [launching a line], yes … I will design not just for women of color, but for all. I see there’s lots of things that are not there that I feel that I’d like to have, and so I’d like to share it with everybody. So yes, I will, and hopefully one of the things will be out by 2015.”

No word yet on if she will actually be part of the design process or, like most celebrity lines, she will just put her name on the label.

And while we don’t expect her line to be as cheeky as those popular “Naomi Hit Me Shirts,” we do look forward to seeing her point-of-view.