Five Under Fifty: Consciously-Cool Moto Jackets

5 Under Fifty / November 18, 2014
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Remember when wearing fake leather was deemed a fashion don’t?

But just like many rules of yesterday’s past,  those days of frowning upon faux leather products are definitely over– at least when it comes to fashion.

Besides being better for the environment, not to mention the horrible practices of animal abuse in leather production, vegan products are becoming more common in the fashion industry.

These days, the quality of vegan products are so high that often it’s difficult to tell when something is real leather or if it’s imitation.

But be careful. Not all vegan leather is equal. Some leather alternatives look cheap and poorly produced, and just like fabrics, you should pay attention to the texture and finish.

This winter, we’ll be rocking a versatile vegan leather jacket all season long. We’ll stylishly pair our moto jacket with our favorite boyfriend jeans, and on our dressier days, we’ll wear it with a winter maxi dress, and we’ll even rock it with a pencil skirt.   Just consider a vegan jacket part of our winter uniform.

Luckily, if you’re looking for an alternative to a leather jacket, the options are endless.

Ahead, our five editor-approved leather alternative moto jackets that look like the real deal.  The best part? All of these highly covetable jackets are less than $50.


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Five Under Fifty: Consciously-Cool Moto Jackets