Last week marked the launch of the much-anticipated Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration.

As expected, the collection has already sold out and, along the way, there were long, exhausting lines of fans waiting for their taste of some Wang,  multiple fights over merchandise,  and one nasty rumor of a  Wang x H&M child labor factory, which later proved to be false.  Yep. Fashion ain’t pretty, folks – especially when there’s some covetable Wang involved.

The good news is that if you still want your piece of Alexander Wang x H&M history, there’s always Ebay, although you’ll certainly pay a much higher price for the Wang-branded goods.

If you missed out on the neoprene-heavy, neutral-colored collaboration, there are still some great options that don’t require you to drop tons of coin in the way of overpriced eBay goods.

For some Wang-inspired sporty attitude without the high price tag, check out these 5 Alexander Wang x H&M alternatives that we picked out exclusively for you.

They’re all under $50 (score!), dressed in neoprene – fashion’s fabric of the moment (double score!), and all of these covetable pieces will have people asking you, “Is that Wang?”