Who knew that we’d be celebrating sharks nearly 40 years after the debut of  Steven Spielberg’s iconic thriller, “Jaws.” Since the 1975 film debut, we’ve had a fascination with the jagged-tooth ocean predator. And we’re certainly not the only ones.

Enter Shark Week, Discovery’s week long programming centered around all things sharks. But shark week, which starts this Monday, is not limited to just the Discovery Channel.   The Syfy Channel just released Sharknado 2 this past weekend, and many others— both websites and TV networks—plan to participate in celebrating Shark Week, too.

We at Obsessed mag intend to also show our Shark spirit next week—in the most fashionable (and cheeky) way.

Ahead, 5 killer ways we’ll be showing our shark week support.

Not only can you wear these super shark week-worthy picks year-round, but they’re also affordable at under $50.