Five Under Fifty: Where the Shiny Things Are

5 Under Fifty / September 16, 2014

Okay, we’ll just say it. We love us some new shiny things.

When Elizabeth & James unveiled their sequined sweatshirt in 2010, we couldn’t stop envisioning how good it would look on us paired with a mini skirt. So much so that we scoured the internet for hours to find a less expensive version.

When Miu Miu debuted their 2011 glitter pumps, we were there, and we imagined ourselves wearing those sexy, shiny shoes while we danced with Gene Kelly in the rain.

The truth is, we’ll always write about shiny shit, whether it’s about getting shiny, shimmering skin, our favorite gold, glittery products, or why we can never own a Bedazzler for fear that our wardrobe would probably resemble something that Liberace threw up on.

We can, however, share with you a few of our favorite shiny objects, all of which we’ll be stocking our wardrobe with come fall.  But our picks aren’t just any old shiny pieces, they’re affordable, too! All under $50.  Yep, you heard that right. Under $50. Which means that you can get your shine on without dulling your bank account.

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