Thanksgiving Dressings: 4 Outfits You Can Wear During a Lazy and Hazy T-Day

Shopping / Style / November 20, 2014

At last, Thanksgiving it almost here. For some of you, that means going to a fancy dinner where you’ll get all dressed up in your Sunday’s best. You’ll probably spend the evening having polite small talk with strangers while eating small, ladylike bites from your host’s vintage china.


For us, it’s all about the food, shameless eating, family time,  haze-inducing Tryptophan, and giving thanks, of course.

On Thanksgiving, we’ll sleep in late and we’ll most likely spend the day in our sweatpants while performing multiple cycles of eating mass quantities of food, sleeping, drinking and watching TV.

Yep. Thanksgiving is pretty much our ultimate lazy Sunday, and we’ll be grateful for things like elastic waistbands, remote controls and the fact that our stomachs are pretty resilient after eating a feast fit for three kings.

Through it all, one thing we aim for is comfort.  Which is why, during Turkey day, you’ll find us wearing our most feeding-friendly (translation: stretchy) comfy clothes.

If you plan to spend your Thanksgiving stuffed and in a lazy and hazy state of mind, we’ve put together 4 Thanksgiving outfits that will ensure your ultimate comfort but still stylish enough to look like you didn’t just roll out of bed.

Native Navajo

Colorblocked in Pumpkin

Feasting Fabulously Fuzzy

Awesomely All-American

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