Designer purses don’t often bring to mind Mary Poppins’ magical keep-all or Hermione’s well-stocked clutch. But with Welcome Companions’ latest bag, all of that is about to change.

Designed by Miranda July – a known shopper of Welcome Companions – “The Miranda” returns the personal to the purse. With that same warm touch she brings to her art, July’s Starburst red and pink bag comes fully loaded with her necessary life supplies, including an almond (in case of blood sugar crash), and Get Out of Awkward Situations notecards (“Let’s be honest, the conversation we are having right now is not that interesting for either of us. I suggest we shake hands and go find other people to talk to.”).

Of the design, Welcome Companions’ creator, Laurel Consuelo Broughton told T Magazine that it’s “interesting to have the interior be a public part of identity.”

Released Thursday, the limited edition frame bag carries a $1,725 price tag. Found both in Opening Ceremony’s in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, as well as online, shipping may take up to six weeks depending on demand.