UNIQLO is spreading the cheer this holiday season by launching a world-wide campaign called the UNIQLO Selfless Selfie Project. The idea is that people take selfies of themselves doing good works. From volunteering at a local charity to visiting your grandma, UNIQLO wants you to see you making a positive impact on the lives of others through giving in your own special way.

The directions are simple: snap, pledge, and post. First, snap a selfie of you doing something good. Next, pledge to do good every single day. For example, you could write, “I pledge to give my selfie to my local food bank.” Lastly, post your selfie.

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Selfies from around the world will be selected to become part of the UNIQLO 3D Selfless Selfie Exhibition taking place in Berlin, Paris, New York, and San Francisco. Winners will be invited to attend. But that’s not all. Winners will also have their 3D selfies part of a unique UNIQLO 3D printing fashion collection. This in-store holiday campaign is set to be available to consumers in their flagship stores in San Francisco and New York.

To learn more about making a pledge and submitting your selfie, click here.