Film director David Lynch has directed a video for the debut of Christian Louboutin’s line of $50 nail polishes, and it’s just as weird as we thought it would be.

The video, which looks like a surreal Salvador Dali painting coming to life, boasts a signature Louboutin stiletto that transforms into the top of a nail lacquer bottle.

There are images of white castles made of weapon-like stilettos spikes, trippy nail polish bottles floating from the sky and, of course, abrupt visions of fingernails that are painted in the classic red Louboutin polish.  The 51-second video is wonderful, weird…and we absolutely love it.

This is not the first time Louboutin and the “Twin Peaks” creator have teamed up.  In 2011, the two, along with actor John Malkovich, collaborated on the “Christian Louboutin” coffee table book.